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Of course Mashhad is great city with amazing ancient tombs , mosques , museum etc just don't miss it.


Mashhad city

Mashhad is the second-most populous city in Iran and the capital of Khorasan Razavi province. It is located in the north-east of the country close to the border of Turkmenistan. It was a major oasis along the ancient silk road connecting with Marv in east but now Mashhad is SPIRITUAL HEART OF IRAN.

in the skies …

The imam Reza shrine is complex which contains the mausoleum of Imam Reza, the eighth imam of Twelver Shiites. It is the largest mosque in the world by dimension and the second-largest by capacity. You can experience a spiritual atmosphere in this beautiful complex ….

Ride with the king

Nader Shah Afshar is among the few post-Islamic Iranian kings who made attempts for Iran independence and solidarity and … yes, he was completely successful in doing that. In the Naderi garden museum in Mashhad which was designed by Houshang Seyhoun in order to commemorate Nader shah. The 6.5-meter-high bronze sculpture of Nader shah mounted on the horse alongside 3-foot more solid standing next to the horse was built in Rome, Italy; then it was transferred to Mashhad and placed on its pedestal. The sculpture was designed by Abol Hassan Seddiqi, and its bronzing was done in the Berotti factory in Italy. The nearest attraction to the tomb is imam Reza holy shrine.

In the name of myth

The tomb of Abul-Qâsem Ferdowsi Tusi is located in the middle of the landscape garden 20km of the north of Mashhad city. This great monument was designed and refurbished by Houshang Seyhoun based on Hossein Lorzadeh ‘s preliminary design with some modification in dimensions, size, and decorations. The current building of mausoleum was opened in 1943 simultaneously with Ferdowsi millenary celebration, but the building doesn’t make Ferdowsi special; he was an epic poet who created the greatest mythological story in the world in 1000 years ago!

It was just a little part of the capital of Razavi Khorasan

Of course, Mashhad is a great city with amazing ancient tombs, mosques, museums, etc. and what we said was just a little part of Mashhad city and you can travel there by Badeloo.

121.4 km²
16 m
870,887 (2016)
London Breed
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