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one of the quietest and most beautiful cities in Iran.

Welcome to one of the quietest and most beautiful cities in Iran. Ladies and gentlemen, here is Shiraz. Shiraz The city of colorful mosques, ancient temples, and great poets is the best place to spend your spring days, but it’s not the reason to overlook this paradise for the rest of the year. If you still don’t want to travel to Shiraz, you should know that Persepolis is near Shiraz.

quietest and most beautiful cities in Iran
Among the Poets

If you are a bit familiar with the culture of Iran, you know that this country has ancient poets; the tomb of Hafiz and Saadi are two famous Iranian poets located in Shiraz. Hafiz the great poet and sonnet of Shirazi lived in this lovely city 700 years ago. Hafez, like most poets and intellectuals in the East, was never known in his lifetime, but after the death of one of his followers, he collected and published his poems; Hafiz’s poetry was so amazing that today almost all Iranians praise Hafez for his dramatic poems. If you go to Shiraz, don’t miss Hafez’s beautiful tomb.

Saadi Shirazi is another idol of Persian literature who has been nicknamed “the master of speech” for his skill in poetry. Unlike Hafiz who had never left Shiraz, Saadi was a traveler and had seen all of Samarkand, Turkestan, Bukhara, India and China. The collection of poems “Master of Speech” includes Golestan and Bostan.

quietest and most beautiful cities in Iran
In the Shade of the Columns

Persepolis remains a large and ancient city, built by the Achaemenids 518 BC, one of the most astonishing tourist attractions in the Middle East and the world. A vast plain with remnants of palaces, columns, temples and beautiful tombs that were once the capital of the Middle East’s largest civilization 500 BC. There is no word to describe a city that once was the altitude of human civilization and is now a mythical ruin. You have to see it yourself.

Pink Mosque

If you’ve ever been to a mosque, you may have been impressed by its sophisticated architecture, but the Nassir al-Molk Mosque in Shiraz offers a spiritual experience in addition to the exquisite ambient architectural design, with colorful lights and beautiful carpets. If you travel to Shiraz, don’t miss the Pink Mosque

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