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The magnificent city of Yazd is a well-preserved mud-brick old town which contains distinctive wind-catchers, historical houses, and numbers of monuments

One of the most beautiful cities in the history of the Middle East where you can see true Iranian architecture, but this is not the only attraction of this legendary city

The best tourist destination of Persian tours!

The magnificent city of Yazd is a well-preserved mud-brick old town that contains distinctive wind-catchers, historical houses, and numbers of monuments. To most people, the historical district of the city with its unique architecture, where you can find old houses with the traditional style platform and interior design, is the best area to spend a few hours in when you travel to Yazd.

beautiful cities in the Middle East
beautiful cities in the Middle East
Where is Yazd?

Yazd is located almost 270 km southeast of Isfahan. The altitude of Yazd is approximately 1210m above sea level. There are high mountains to the south of the city and Taft area where lots of Yazdi people take short trips to spend hot summer days or weekends in its moderate climate. The city itself is very hot and dry in summer due to its location which is between two main deserts of Dasht-e Kavir and the Kavir-e-Lut. The average annual temperature in Yazd is 19°C and the average annual rainfall in this city is 62 mm. Yazd is the driest province of Iran. Yazd’s architectural centerpiece, the Amir Chakhmaq complex is located in the heart of the city, in a square of the same name. The imposing three-story façade flaunts several beautifully symmetrical Iwans, which light up and glow after sunset. It is one of the largest Hosseiniyeh (a congregation hall for Shia Muslims to hold commemoration ceremonies) in the country (buildings used in the commemorative ceremonies for Imam Hossein’s death), and dates back to the 15th century, although it has undergone numerous renovations. The surrounding square has many good sweet and ice cream shops.

Yazd Iranian architecture


Silence towers which are called Dakhma in Persian, are in fact two circular towers raised from a solemn desert landscape. This circular raised structure was built by Zoroastrians for excavation, in which dead bodies were left at the top of the towers to be exposed to carrion birds, usually vultures.

Moreover, there are also some other buildings at the foot of these towers. Here, you will have the possibility to realize the tradition of Zoroastrians, after death. They believed the body must have been taken away from alive humans and left at the place to ensure purity and peace for the person. When visiting the area, you will notice small houses that were used for relatives of the deceased to stay and mourn in, while selected individuals took the body to the tower.

The Grand Congregational Mosque

This grand congregational mosque of the 14th century was built by well-known Yazdi architects. It has the tallest minarets in Iran and exquisite mosaic work still inspiring local artists. This beautiful and ancient complex is a combination of a bazaar, a Hosseiniyeh, a water storage and an adjacent bathroom. Construction of this complex dates back to the time of Nasser al-Din Shah. Khan Bazaar is the longest and widest bazaar in Yazd City. It is made of sun-dried brick and clay.

the grand congregational mosque


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