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a lake with the color of blood fascinating Lake

a lake with the color of blood that will amaze you. If you are going to Shiraz , don't miss this great Tour
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Shiraz is not only home to the “Pink Mosque” but also the “Pink Lake.” Those flying into Shiraz can
witness spectacular views from above when the lake is full, and those on the ground can enjoy both the
lake and the beautiful surrounding scenery. The sea is actually a salt mine and the bright pink hue is
caused by colorful salt-loving microbes which create pigmented protein to absorb the sun’s energy. The
best time to see the lake in pink color is by mid-summer since chances of water evaporation will be more
which ultimately turns the lake into a pinkish color.

  • Day 1
Day 1

A day to remember

We first go to Maharlu Lake to be fascinated by the pink color of this Salt Lake. This lake with its unique color has an eye-catching overlook, is suitable for photography and recording the unforgettable moments of life. Then we will go to Maharlu village. The lake has got its name from a village next to it. This village lies in the southern foot of the Zagros mountains. It also has lots of t attractions… the houses with high roofs and arched windows are just stupendous. You can see many orchards full of almond, pomegranate and fig trees around a generous spring, which has created a wonderful scene. Lots of village people believe that the spring is curative especially for skin diseases. If you’re interested in historical places, there’s also a caravanserai called Shah Abbasi nearby which goes back to the Safavid time, but the weirdest phenomenon of this area attracts many tourists every year. Several springs and rivers join together and form this marvelous lake. Sarvestan Palace (WHS) would be our next stop one of the most magnificent Sassanid palaces with complex architecture. The architecture of this castle was one of the first stepping stones towards the gothic style of architecture. In the afternoon we drive back to Shiraz.

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Sarvestan Palace
Maharlu Lake
Shah Abbasi caravanserai
Maharlu village
Sassanid palaces
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The Pink Lake

€79 per person
1 Day

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